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  • Pawfection Connection

    Clermont Florida

Pawfection Connection Clermont, Florida

What is Grooming

Grooming is more than just a hair cut. It may include bathing, combing, brushing, clipping nails, cutting or shaving mats, cleaning ears, and controlling external parasites.

Why choose a groomer?

You may not have the time, tools, experience, or physical ability to adequately groom your pet. For example, some animals (like poodles) have their fur groomed into particular styles that require a professional. Or a pet may require regular or seasonal clipping, medicated or flea baths, removal of skunk odors or harmful substances, or removal of matted fur. Typically, a trained professional can more safely and humanely handle tricky procedures and temperamental or frightened animals. (Removing severe mats should always be done by an experienced groomer to avoid accidental cuts.) Keep in mind, however, that professional groomers aren't miracle workers; it's up to you to stay on top of your pet's grooming needs.

We offer a quality Result and enjoyable experience for your pet. We believe these two ingredients are of the utmost importance to pet owners and their precious family member.

Our Professional stylists have many years of experience, which lends itself to a beautifully groomed pet who is treated with love and kindness.

  • Full Pet Styling
  • Boarding
  • Cat Grooming
  • Bath and Brush

About Us


Pawfection Connection provides grooming and boarding services in Clermont FL. We are located in the Citrus Tower Plaza in Clermont FL. We have over 50 combined years of experience and all our stylists are licensed. We handle all dogs as they were our own. We do not use any sedatives but we do use the best dog grooming products available. 


Extra Care Services

We are an All Inclusive boarding facility for your pets. We never charge extra for special feedings, play time or administrating medication. We require up to date vaccinations for all pets staying with us, their safety is important. Remember those pets that aren’t vaccinated are the ones that take ill. Please take all these facts into consideration as you shop for the right location for your pets, cheap isn’t always safe or enjoyable for your family members.


Contact us.

  • Come See us:
    Pawfection Connection
    179 N. Hwy 27 Suitte C
    Clermont, FL 34711
  • Call Us: (352) 432-3929

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